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Contemplating RAID0 with sata...

I am seriously toying with getting a couple of raptors and a SATA Raid card (merry Christmas to me :)), but I'm not sure which RAID card to get for the system in my sig.

I have SATA on-board but it's the SIL chip and I've heard nothing good about it. So I thought I'd get a SATA PCI RAID card. The brands I've looked at so far are Promise and Highpoint but I've heard Promise cards have issues with nForce2 boards and HighPoint performance is not all that great. Then, I've heard about problems with performance due to write-back caching. I'm not gonna spend ~$350 on something that's not gonna work well.


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alternatively sell your board and get a good mobo with onboard promise controller :)

I have both and intel and promise raid controller on my mobo :)

quite kewl...

the promise works brilliantly... the intel one afaik is for s-ata...
Thanks Sazar, but I really don't feel like changing platforms... too expensive.

I posted a similar question on Amdforums.com and from what I've read in other posts, it looks like the corruption issues with the Sil controller have been solved with BIOS and driver updates. Performance isn't all that bad now with the Sil either; between 80-100+ MB/sec depending on which drives you use. Certainly less expensive that buying a whole new mobo/CPU plus the drives.
Well, I went ahead and got those Raptors and after Windows is all reloaded and apps installed (ugh), I must say I'm pretty happy with the feel of the RAID set. In ATTO, I get a max transfer rate of ~105MB/sec (write) and ~95MB/sec (read), although there's a "read" dip when it gets to whatever I set my chunk size to (32).

I went to go see if write cache was enabled, but it's not even there for the RAID drives! It's enabled for the IDE drive though (see the pic).

Oh, I'm using the newest Sil drivers and all Windows Updates are done.


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its just the way its read out as a scsi adapter is used to mount the drives, imho it is enabled as a default, as i never noticed a speed drop switching my drive onto the PCI ATA Card.
Thanks Gonzo (didn't think there would actually be anyone here on Christmas).

My performance is ok but I've heard about people having to enable write caching and I just can't. The Sil RAID Windows proggy says write caching is enabled, but Windows says it isn't and when I used Bootvis; it says it's not either. I would just like some type of confirmation either way.

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