constant vpu recover


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Hi i recently bought a few upgrades to my computer. This inclues a ati radeon x850xt pe pci-e. After putting together my computer i find everything working perfectly. However after installing drivers for my new graphics card, i constantly get vpu recover messages and sometimes a automatic reboot. I have tried old and new drivers from both ati and omega but it does not solve the problem.

please help. thx


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is it OC'd?

sound slike it is gettng hot to me - what about taking side off your case and directing a fan there? Let us know if you have any temp readouts too....

Be a shame if you are stuck with a bad GFX card, what says others?

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Turn off that option and see how things run in the cp there is a way to remove that feature I thing I remember from my ATI days .


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no its not oc'd the temp is running at about 30-35c. I cannot turn off the option because when i do all i get is the blue screen and a reboot.


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could be i am gonna head over to a mates house and try his power supply.but mine should be fine its 450w. i'll keep you guys posted any other suggestions?


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It is not the wattage rating that matters it is the +12V amperage for any newer system.

With an 850XT you need dual +12V rails rated at 17A each or higher. It should say ATX 2.01 or 2.01 on the power supply if it has dual +12V rails.

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