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Constant Frog Croaking

i think it goes here...

this is very weird. My sister just came home for a visit from school and her laptop has a constant frog croaking on it. I can't find which program is doing it but it sure as hell is annoying. Neither Ad-Aware or Norton can pick it up....any suggestions?


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Mute the volume. ;)

Really though, check the startup tab on msconfig (Start -> Run -> msconfig). Untick the boxes of any startup items that you know don't need to run, or that look suspicious. You could also check Add/Remove for unwanted apps, or... this is a stretch... do a search for the word 'frog.' :)

You might also post screenshots of the running processes under task manager... maybe that could reveal something.

Goto the processes tab and click CPU at the top of the proceses and make sure the process using the highest amount of CPU is in view.

When it croaks see what process jumps to the top (because its using the CPU) and see if you can end the process. If it stops - whoot - you know what it was.
go ahead and close this thread...problem solved.

turned out to be some "joke" that replaces some windows sounds and causes it to loop. sys restore fixed it good :)

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