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Constant Errors leads to reformat

fresh install (4 time) still receiving errors. Could it be a hardware failure?

Disk Defrag NTFS Module - Stopped working
Windows Explorer - Stopped working
Windows Modules Installer - WINDOWS_WCP_OHTER_FAILURE2 ( 4 Entries)
Windows Moudles Installer - Stopped working
Windows Update - Stopped working.
I ran Seatools and the only problem is one of my HDD is reporting back that the tempature is 253 degrees. The other is reading 35. I took a reading with my laser thermometer on all my HDD the highest one is at 40c. I don't know if that reading is affecting everything.
After numerous Hard Drive and Memory Diagnostics's. My memory finally gave me an error. I ran MemTest a little longer than I was doing earlier. I really didnt' think it was my ram.

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