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Constant crashing



I am constantly getting the blue screen. 2 files causing the crashes so far are: AFD.sys and NETBT.sys. What do these files do and how to I remove them? They are located in the system32/drivers folder.
It looks like you have some networking problems. That's what those files are related to. What are the exact stop (0x00...) codes you're getting?


Here's when it happens. About 10 minutes after closing Starcraft.
That error is: 0x00000076 (deals with the afd.sys)

Other time it happened was with Internet explorer.
That error is: 0x000000CB (deals with netbt.sys)

Both dealing with Process_Has_Locked_Pages

This is the only pc connected to the internet and is not networked with anything else.

I can play CS and other online games and have no problems.
Ah Ha! Check it out: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q256010

Are you on dial-up or dsl with a LAN adapter? If you're on dsl then it looks like you need to see if your adapter has new drivers. This is directly related to that registry tweak we did way back when: http://www.xp-erience.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1879&highlight=days >>> The drivers are now identified and it looks to be related to your NIC card.

Oh yeah, make sure you go back into your registry and undo the tweak now that you know what driver you need to troubleshoot.


I checked the Linksys website, and they have no new drivers. Also, the afd.sys and netbt.sys files are not network card drivers. So what do they deal with?
I can show you where the drivers are at in device manager, but as far as getting them updated or otherwise making them behave I really don't know what to suggest.

Open Device Manager> View> Show Hidden Devices. Under "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" you'll see AFD Networking Support Environment... this is your afd.sys driver.

Same section in device manager (Non-Plug and Play Drivers) under NetBios over Tcpip... this is your netbt.sys driver.

Now you can try several things from device manager by right clicking on the offending driver. You can try disabling them (may lose your internet connection - dunno :confused: ). You can right click on the driver, select properties and use the troubleshooter (recommend first). You can stop the driver from the 'driver' tab of the properties view, etc. Point is, I don't know what will cure your problem... I wouldn't uninstall them, but I'd try stopping them to see if they're needed or not... you can always start them back up or reboot as long as you don't uninstall them.

You might also try uninstalling your NIC and reinstalling it, putting it in another slot, etc... maybe something got mucked up there somehow. I've never had the problem you're having so I don't know the fix... when you get it figured out be sure to post the solution... at least now you know where the problem is and you can focus on it instead of just being frustrated by random blue screens that gives you no information.

Again, be sure to remove the TrackLockedPages value from the registry... that should stop the multiple blue screens now that the driver(s) are identified. Good luck and keep us posted.


Again, be sure to remove the TrackLockedPages value from the registry
Do I have to remove it?

Also, BEFORE I do anything, I want you to see the screenshot of the Non-Plug N Play Devices. One for the devices has a yellow exclamation point next to it. What is it for and could it be causing the problems?
Yeah, I'd delete "TrackLockedPages" out of "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]." I'm not sure if it will ever cause any problems in the future, but the article advises to remove it. I think because you have something always looking for a fault to occur and using substantial resources... that's a guess though. You might want to leave it for a little while to make sure you've fixed the problem... it's intended to produce a bsod naming a particular driver (which it's done). If you leave it and don't fix the problem you'll bsod just because of that entry.

I'm not sure what that parport thing is. Do you have a paperport scanner installed? Whatever it is, it's not working so you can remove it safely. I don't have it listed in my device manager so I'm not sure what it is.


I disabled AFD Networking Support and I couldn't view website. :(

I'm waiting for a longer floppy cable, so I can setup my other pc and then troubleshoot this one. I'll continue to work on this without causing a reformat. I'll keep you update. Thanks so far.

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