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connection problem?


Mr. Sushi

yeah i'm not even sure what my problem is. i come home and all of a sudden every program that has to connect to something fails. my internet works but things like aim,icq, kazaa, dc, wsftp cant connect. my aim wouldnt work. so i had to reconfigure it's port # and tada. for ICQ if i took off my proxy or said i wasnt using firewall - TADA!. and things like DC++ i couldnt figure out or wsftp. but more importantly ... Why is this happening? i cant even see shared files on my home network either. what's going on? my sister (who is the only one who used the comp while i was away) denied she did anything so i'm just as confused.


XP-erience Oldie
Ok, you are going through a router then ?

some routers auto-learn the ports needed (like mine)

Others are manual configuration only.

If they work now then its all ok?


Mr. Sushi

umm but not all my programs are fixable. my other computers work fine. its just this one computer that went goofy somehow on ONE day. and now i cant get it back to however it was.


XP-erience Oldie
Ok, as they are both on a network they need ip addresses assigned on the network for them to communicate.

There should be a connection in "Network Connections" that is called "LAN" or "Local Area Connection." This is the connection from your computer to the network.

If you right click on this and click "status" it will come up with a dialogue box. With the time it has been connected and @ what speed. Click the "Support" tab and read me the information out of that.


Mr. Sushi

netgear, but i recently found out when i disbable norton security it fixes everything. but how can i fix norton so it wont do that anymore?
go through the Norton Personal Firewall Configuration and remove all of the programs from its access list, it should then ask you about all of them as you go again. Hopefully that should fix it, else the install is now buggered and you need to reinstall NIS

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