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Connecting to 2 WiFI networks simotaniously


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I have 2 WiFi networks in my home. I do know that the LAN IP addresses are different. one is set to 192.168.1.* and other other is set to 192.168.2.*

One WiFi router (192.168.2.*) is connected to the Internet and the other WiFi router (192.168.1.*) is just a LAN used to send data back and forth localy.

What I wanna know is; Is it possible to connect to both networks simotaniously with out any data interruption/loss, also is it possible to have my local router have internet access, I just want to have that one connected from time to time to do software updates then remove the internet from that router.

One router has internet connection with WiFi Routing.
Other router is just on the LAN, used to send data back and fourth localy.

Windows XP SP3

Thanks for your help!
A computer needs to have two NIC cards so it can see both networks at once. Once you have a computer with 2 NIC cards you can then set up a bridge between the two networks on that computer and share access. XP and VISTA support network bridging. You can disconnect the bridge and have the LAN private when you want.

If you don't want to buy a second wireless NIC then just plug a LAPTOP you want to serve as the Bridge into one of the Networks and connect it's wifi to the other network.

You can also buy a hardware bridge but they aren't cheap.
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If you want the bridge to be wireless then you have to buy another NIC. If you can live with one side wired you can get by with existing hardware.


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Just to let u know Michael, I have a modded XBOX at the other end of my home. I have a DSL modem with Wi-Fi support & I have a Wi-Fi router lying around. To prevent an ugly mess of blue RJ45 cable hidden or exposed, why not use Wi-Fi with my XBOX; wireless is the cleanest. My XBOX is not Wi-Fi supported unless I connect my XBOX with a 1 ft. RJ45 cable to my Wi-Fi router and able to send Data back and forth to my XBOX such as movies, music, games, ETC.

If it were a Computer, I’d then just buy a Wi-Fi NIC card and my problems would be then solved, unfortunately, you just can’t buy a Wi-Fi NIC for my XBOX and install it, since it is just a console that has been modified.

Make sense???

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Well you would just need a wireless bridge. It converts Wireless to Ethernet. What wireless router do you have laying around? A router that supports DDWRT can be turned into a bridge.


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I do have a Linksys laying around & hooked up to my XBOX, and it does support DDWRT.

My modem from my ISP also supports WiFi, from bell, Ill have to look into seeing if that modem supports DDWRT.

Well since one Wi-Fi card cannot connect to two connections at once.
My Modem is 3.5 ft away from my desktop. I guess I'd hook up a RJ-45 cable from modem to Desktop, then connect my XBOX via Wi-Fi.

Michael, could you please explain to me how I would go about bridging my XBOX. (Cable - 2 - WiFi).

Thanks you......

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