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Connecting thru Linksys Router???



Hello people, I just bought a Linksys Router yesterday. I set it up and voila I had instant Internet access with all my programs, but later that day when I started using more of my programs I came across a few issues. The main one so far being I can't send files. For example, I can receive files thru Yahoo Messenger but cannot send. I cannot do DCC SENDS/CHATS thru mIRC. Those are the only issues I have so far. I got a router on the premise that in the future when I upgrade I already have a way to share my connection but for now I like the option of having a hardware firewall and it seems to secure my pc a little better than a software firewall does. I know if they(hackers) want at me I have no chance, but if it makes it a little tougher to get at me, then I like that even more. I would appreciate any and all help you can give me.


thx for the links, but i think i need help with opening ports on my router. doesnt a port need to be opened/allowed before this will work?


i went to the site and tried what they suggested for mIRC but i was unsuccessful. i am probably not doing something right as i am not totally famimliar with networking aspect. if anyone could provide and detailed description or would be willing to say chat in msn messenger or yahoo messenger then plz let me know! or also know of a site that provides real step-by-step descitptions on setting certain apps to run through specfic routers.

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