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hi ..Currently i got a scenerio.
A company is divided into 2 sections of the same sizes. Both are located in 2 buildings separated by a narrow lane. Both are on the same floors and even connected by a covered footbridge for the employees to walk forth and back. This footbridge also carries the cable connecting the two switches on both sides. Currently both sections run on a single 10 Base T LAN using TCP/IP.
But is there are additional 15 new workstations, the network response are considered slow.

I've 2 not so sure solutions currently:
- Either replace the UTP cable connecting both sides with two
ISDN links (PRI-Primary Rate Interface) to the Internet and set
up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between both sides
- Or replace the two switches by two hubs connected via a bridge
in order to segment the two networks. Does the introduction of
a bridge help to overcome the problem?

Is there other alternatives?:huh:
thanks in advance
Sounds like you need to up the network to 100Mbit. I don't think a bridge would help and ISDN sure as h*ll won't. The old cables probably work with 100Mbit gear as well. Just get 100Mbit switches, both for performance and compatibility with any 10Mbit workstations.

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