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Configure Logitech Rumblepad



I am hoping someone out there has good experience with this device.. I just got a Wingman Rumblepad and was hoping it would be a good replacement for a keyboard and mouse in a FPS.. I have tried configuring it but run into problems.. the game I have tried in particular is Star Trek Elite Force..

I can't seem to get the right stick to work properly as my viewing device.. when I changed the axis properties to mouse X axis and mouse Y axis the view just spun around in circles.. if I leave it at default axis config the stick does nothing.. I need to get the right axis to work properly as the equivalent to mouse viewing..

all other controls seem to work good.. the D-Pad works fine but I ahve to figure out a way have the pad in the 'always run' mode.. for some reason even with this option checked in EF config it still walks..

any help any of you can provide is most appreciated...

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Originally posted by Iceman38
sorry I was only playing :(

sorry RobbieSan, I don't have the answer, but hopefully someone else will, good luck ;)

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