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Computer sometimes starts by itself when hibernated

A very strange problem here. When I put my computer in Hibernate mode, everything works fine, the computer powers off too. When I come back from lunch or something, I sometimes notice that my computer has powered on all by itself! It never happens when I just turn it off.
My guess is that the computer isn't completely powered down, but, just like standby mode, it still has a little current in it's system and then 'something' happens, causing my computer to awake from hibernate. This seems silly to me, because to my knowledge the computer completely powers down, but it's the only thing I can think of.
I downloaded all patches from the WindowsUpdate site.

Thank you in advance
My guess is that you have a NIC with WOL (Wake On LAN) activated. If you do, the computer will turn itself on if it gets an ICMP-packet (I think, just like a ping) over the network. Turn off WOL in BIOS or yank out the WOL cable running from the NIC to the motherboard.
did not work

I should have posted it in my first post, but my WOL-cable has already been 'yanked out'. The NIC is used for Cable-internet, so I am not connected to a network, which could send ICMP-packets to my computer.
Thanks anyway for trying

Well, where the house has been built, used to be *a lot* of farms. Maybe the ghosts of all the cows, sheeps, goats, chickens keep walking in my room:p .
LOL. No seriously, let's just say I am not aware of any animals walking in my room.


thanks to my freakin annoying classmate erasing my freakin stuff... i'll make it short....
the connection in the power button or mobo connector is probebly loose so it might close when someone makes it vibrate... turning it on by accident...


i would also suggest gremlins... but, unless you piss them off, you don't have much to worry about.
My mom was right!

My mom always says our dog is like a gremlin and it drinks a lot of water. So maybe at night....
[edit]Wyrlwin, I will check the powercord in my computer. Is it really that simple?


the poer button on your case, closes the curcuit so the power goes through to the mobo and turns it on... not the cord, but the button you press to turn the comp on... if its loose enough to have vibrations move it, that might be it... defenitly something witht he power system on your system though... heck, my mobo doesn't always like to post my cd drives... so, maybe its your system's little bug like that...


hmm if your modem is left on and is attached to the same phone line as the house line when someone calls, the modem will start the computer up. or even on a seperate line soeone may accidently call it. thats all i can think of. if your modem is external and left on, turn it off might make a differencce

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