Computer Shops Fail Undercover Test


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5 Apr 2002
USM would have been spot on!


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6 Dec 2003
I am not saying I am a genius know it all when it comes to PC technology. but I wouldn't let any of these morons work on my toaster.

the average person should know the basics. Just lazy people wasting money.

as far as geek squad this manual is funny



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15 Feb 2005
... THIS is why I build my own PC's...

For laptops I make sure they have a partitioned drive with restore points...

morons... a trained monkey should have been able to find that...


Mike A!


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9 Aug 2005
this is why i never have other people fix my computers.

there really is no excuse for that. a ram problem is pretty easy to figure out based on the symptoms and if anything should be the first thing to test if a computer is suddenly acting erratically. in my opinion anyway. but then, chances are these are only people who are hired off the streets with minimal experience and/or don't care enough about there job like most people in america to make the effort to do full testing. they are probably even told by there cooperate office to exaggerate the problem to try and get more sales.


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8 May 2008

I can hear what you’re saying but the question is actually one of knowing your own limitations. At least one of the “engineers” featured acted and sounded like a salesman rather than a technician. The others just seemed to be people who ‘know enough to build their own PC’ but have not had any formal training or gained any industry accreditation.

I have a PC Repair business based in the South of England delivering a solid service to the local community. I employ engineers with accreditation ranging from MCSE, CCNA, HP ACP, all the way down to A+ and for a home visits it’s the A+ engineer that is sent because of the cost (I have to make a profit). However all my engineers know that I’ll terminate their employment (with extreme prejudice) if they lie or try to cheat a customer, I’d rather they called and said “I don’t know” that way they can learn and I can earn (reputation as well as profit).

Big firms like “The Tech Guys” or “The Geek Squad” kill the profit margin and local firms don’t have the qualifications or experience to compete effectively. So I’m left in a low margin market saturated with inexperienced, untrained engineers. I have to generate enough income to pay for training my engineers, run cars and vans, run an office and workshop and the administration staff; what’s more I have to satisfy the bank, accountant and tax office by making a profit.

My opinion is that the industry needs independent regulation like the NIC for electricians or CORGI for Gas and until that day dawns there will always be unscrupulous operators out there who are using the industry as a license to print money.

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