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Computer security (a guite to securing your pc a little)

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
I cannot believe how many people fall victim to viruses these days. Is it really so hard to be a little careful, use common sense, and keep the computer a little safe?

At my work last week, several PCs fell victim to the LovSan virus, and I keep reading a lot about computers getting infected here, too. I is really not that difficult to keep your pc safe.

Some simple rules:

1. Install an Anti Virus program and KEEP IT UP TO DATE!!! There are free ones out there that also plug in to email clients (for Example AVG http://www.grisoft.com is free and plugs into Eudora email, free from http://www.eudora.com).

2. NEVER open an attachment from someone you don’t know, or use a text editor to view it first, if you are curious. Most text editors enable you to view simple scripts.

3. Install a personal firewall. Sygate (http://download.com.com/3001-2092-10184369.html) , Kerio (http://www.kerio.com) and Zone Alarm (http://www.zonelabs.com) are free! And they will keep your ports closed. These programs will also tell you if a program is trying to access the internet, so you know what is happening on your PC all the time (and you should).

4. Keep Windows up to date with security patches (http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com).

If you just take about 5 minutes per week to update your AV and Windows, you will be rewarded with trouble free operation for the rest of the time.

Is it really that difficult? In my 18 years of computer lifer, I have NEVER had a virus infect my pc. Why? Because I take care.

Now: I don’t want to read any more posts about infected computers…..

EJ :)


Glaanies script monkey
Political User
hey, if everyone followed that then I wouldn't be able to make as much money as I do fixing PCs on the side.

Can I get a mod to delete this post? :)

Elroy Jetson

Little Dipper School
thanks for pointing that out, Enyo, I use the windows update from within IE under <tools>.

However, at the moment even that link does not work.......

EJ :(

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