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Computer Overheating


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My desktop machine began to overheat I guess two weeks ago now. I found out there was a problem because my motherboard began to warn me with its heat alarm. I have water cooloing on my CPU. To confirm that it was an overheating problem I downloaded SpeedFan. I found that two of the sensors were constantly overheated, though since the sensors are named Temp1, Temp2, etc. I have been have problems even figuring out what is over heating. I did run some tests, when I am sitting in Windows the two temps that I mentioned are overheated, but when I enter a game two other temps sky rocket, the temps that are already overly hot creep up alittle. So, the really mystery is what is over heating.
Usual culprits are:
MB / Case
Video Card

Just because speed fan says there is a sensor overheating does not make it true. Many of the sensor I/O are unused and will have garbage on them.

You can check the MB and the CPU in the bios boot screen. Game until an alarm, exit quick and restart the computer. Read the values in bios.

Video cards will have a temp seonsor if it is a newer one. The manufacturers have utilities to read them. ATItool is a free non-ATI download for ATI cards.

The HD's have temp sensors also but I don't know how or if you can get at them.

If you are overclocking the FSB and water cooling the CPU it is most likely the MB/Chipset overheating.


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If you have an Asus board then go and download Asus Probe (try to avoid Asus Probe II).

I have a water cooling setup myself and your biggest culprit could either be the chipset overheating or the voltage regulators, especially if you are using a newer mobo that uses passive cooling on the chipset and voltage regulators. They make special fan units for people who use water cooling to compensate for the lack of air flow that is supposed to be flowing through the heat fins on the passive cooling setup. But I am making assumptions about your setup, get back to use with more info so we can help you.


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Just as a note I have a Abit IC7-Max3 motherboard. Also I have little to no knowledge about about water cooling, an so maybe I am looking at it wrong but the water seems to be moving in some areas and not in others. I don't know how that is possible.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
well with water cooling its all in a straight loop. So they would all be affected instead of one item. Have you changed the water or maybe tried adding a addative to help with the cooling?

- >Pump > Radiator > CPU > GPU > |


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Some systems are setup in split loop setups or completely seperate systems (very unlikely though, this is more expensive. 2x pumps, 2x rads... etc)

If the fluid is flowing in one area, then its flowing through the whole thing. Does your system have a resivour? Have you checked the fluid level? If you are a low on fluid then you could be introducing bubbles into the system which will effect cooling performance.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Well a walk in firdge would be more then $150.

Anyways back to the topic I would check for low fluid as, like Aprox mentioned you have have bubbles which impedes the proformance.


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Could you post a picture of your entire loop and closeups on each of the actual components? If it's not bubbling, it's either algae, or even poor components. How big is the tubing?


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Could you post a picture of your entire loop and closeups on each of the actual components? If it's not bubbling, it's either algae, or even poor components. How big is the tubing?
Very true, if you are using 1/4 tubing you could run into an overheating problem. Of if you are using a single 80mm Radiator. As I said before, bubbles in the system will affect performance. Anybuild up should be visable. If you have see through cables and your fluid is not dyed, but you are unable to see through the fluid. Ie. brown or green then you probably have a build up of alege which will grow heavily on the heatsink(s) and on the radiator. This will cripple the systems ability to both pickup heat and drop if off.

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