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computer knowledge

i was wondering where can i find stuff on computers. windows in general. i want to know where i can learn to do stuff like usein dos and other stuff about os's and just trying to gain more general knowledge of windows and stuff. can u point me toward online tutorials and books and stuff. thankjs in advace

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Best thing I've found is to ask a question here then let the members talk you through it. Copy all the info to notepad & try it out. :D
If you are still stuck ask more questions.
i will do that. but i want to be like the kid who fixs computers when jerks break them and stuff. i want to be like a computer nerd or something.

Perris Calderon

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to learn EVERYTHING THERE IS TO LEARN ABOUT THE NT KERNAL, pickup "inside microsofts windows 2000"

every single thing about this os is in that resource

Jason Roberts

I learn about computers and technology by visiting this forums everyday. I also am enrolling in a computer course called Information Technology at TAFE (college). I've even done a couple of courses at high school.;)


Yes I'll agree NTFS is a great resource to learn about computers, and believe it or not even old MS www.microsoft.com has some cool tutorials and what not.. Just 2 cents worth ;)

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