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ok, i just put together a pc with an ASUS p4b266 and it is using a Foxconn Mid-Tower 350 Watt Front USB (Black Base Silver Front) cases. inside the case coming out of the front where the hdd, reset, power sw, wires are coming is a black tube with 2 sets of 5 pin connectors. i dont' know where they plug into on the motherboard. i take it, these wires are for the slots on the front of the cases that are used for plugging your video camera into. also, i when i hit the power button on the front all the lights light up, cd rom's flash, floppy also. but the monitor won't turn over. so i tried a different video card and still nothing. i purchased 2700 ddr memory with this and after i hit the power button i noticed that this board doesn't support that high memory. it only works with 2100/1600 so i put 2100 in it and i still have the same problem. monitor won't turn on. please help. need info a.s.a.p

Your monitor should turn on as long as it is monitor that supports standby..does your monitor have 3 states normally like on is green light, yellow is standby, and no light is off? usually acpi would have nothing to do with it but try making sure your ACPI or APM is enabled in the bios.


After seeing this issue a few times, I would suggest you try clearing your CMOS on your motherboard, then power up your system, hopefullly that will clear the issue. Then Go into your BIOS settings and make sure everything is intact and correct, whether your going to tweak or not. Its probably a BIOS setting that's causing the issue, either power management or something along the lines of AGP port settings, or possibly voltage settings. Clearing the CMOS helped me in getting my monitors to kick on when I had that problem, and to make all those important BIOS changes. I do remember that I was able to re-create that particular issue with a motherboard of mine and a GeForce 2 GTS card...but I can't remember exactly what setting caused that kind of problem. I would say that if clearing the CMOS works and solves your problem, then I would advise you to be observant in what sort of BIOS changes you make, so you can avoid having that problem again by clearing the CMOS again and completely avoiding a re-occurence.

Hope all that helps you out! :D


I had the same problem with my ASUS motherboard and almost send the MB back to the shop where I bought it...

As Grifter said the problem is solved by clearing the CMOS...

From what I know you can clear the CMOS in most ASUS MBs by simply holding down the END key while Powering-Up your system...

Hope this helps


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