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Im wondering, is there a way to manually delete "compress old files"? I use the Disk Cleanup utility but these files are huge (over 400mb) and it takes forever for the utility to delete them. and how can i disable winXP from creating them?


Guess you've got something wrong here. The disk cleanup utility doesn't delete anything in this part concerning "compress old files". In order to save disk space it just compresses files you haven't accessed for a while. You can specify after how many days files are considered to be old.


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yoyo is correct, these files are still used! So DO NOT DELETE anything! If I remember correctly, compressed files appear in a different font color when viewed in explorer, in case you are curious.

Most people say compressing files does not make anything run slower (esp since the files in question aren't used often), but I personally don't like compressing anything unless I do it myself (control issue ;)). It's probably a good idea though if you are running low on disk space.


oh, ok. how can i specify or disable this feature? since im not running low on diskspace.


In the screen that comes up when the Disk Cleanup has finished scanning simply don't put a checkmark at "compress old files". Personally I never check it. Prefer manual cleanup anyway.
The option to adjust after how many days file are considered old can be accessed by highlighting "compress old files" and then click the options button below.

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