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Well, DNS has been switched over, so you should switch over to the new server somtime in the next week.

You can check if you are on the new server by looking at the bottom of this page and looking at the page generation time. If you do this on the main forum page, and it says 0.22 seconds, then you are still on the old server, if says something like 0.11 or lower, then you are on the new server.




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well I went on allhope
svc -t /var/service/cache

and then on my iBook
lookupd -flushcache

and now when I "dig" I get the 70.* ip so w00t :D


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That would not even be needed Geffy.

The ip was set to have to be recached every 1 hour, this means that if you had 30 minutes left in cache, in 30 minutes you'd get the new IP. which is why more are switched over allready :p.


I'm sorry Hal...
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I tried using the old IP, but it didn't work very well. Didn't load any of the grahpics, and alll the links where to whichi didn't work and changeing them to IPs didn't work with. nothing worked osnn wise yesterday for me! :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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ah, strange cause it resolved to the new one. Hence no getting on :). It was a day of pure agony, but its over now :)
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