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Compelled to ask this question


bicycle Bill

I visit several forums every day and this is the only one where the complete page is not visible without moving back and forth. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening

I am satisfied it is not my PC causing this . Changing text size does not help.
Web pages have been using 1024 for a while now. Unfortunately they are now going to 1280.

The developers are too stupid to realize that only software developers are using 21 inch monitors.

Becoming a real pain in the but.


I may actually be insane.
That would be the cause, un-fortunately our advert banners take up a width of 728 pixels, add to that the width of our logo (size differs depending on theme used) then your screen width of 800 pixels is soon being over stepped.
One solution would be to switch up to a higher resolution such as 1024x768.


I may actually be insane.
We did have a poll asking what screen resolutions people use, and If I remember right, the number using 800x600 isn't significant enough to justify a complete re-design of all four front page templates and all four forum templates just to fit the needs of 800x600 users.

Personally I have no idea how you can use 800x600, hardly anything will fit on screen, you can only focus on one app at a time, most pages will scroll off the screen, large images are never viewable in one go...etc.


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we've had this conversation/slap fight many times before ;) so i'll stick with my reselution + you stick with yours :p

/me slaps SPeedY_B with a piece of apple pie


I may actually be insane.
Well you can use 800x600 and not see anything properly, or you can use something higher and see like the rest of the world does.


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I know I have posted this before - I have no idea what thread!

But NTFS have to make the world work on 19" + screens = maximum res.?

I know this is true - I started posting and got and Avatar and sorted my sig and within the week I had spring £400 for a 19" TFT (luckily I can wangle a trade price!) .... it even had a USB2 hub in it (but so elegant I haven't found it yet!)....

I should be banned from posts like this - delete me at will mods - sorry bicycle man - bring back teletext based screens - only Apply need pixels anyway! (SEE MY SCREEN NAME i AM NOT SERIUS!)

Pardon caps - too much vino!


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sorry guys

like I said - too much vino...

But I DO have this 19" TFT screen and the worl just feels so much BIGGER - know what I mean? ...

I should never have posted - but there you go - I did, and I cannot explain better right now (Hic!)
Re: sorry guys

Originally posted by MainframeGuy
like I said - too much vino...

But I DO have this 19" TFT screen and the worl just feels so much BIGGER - know what I mean? ...

I should never have posted - but there you go - I did, and I cannot explain better right now (Hic!)
are you confusing a monitor with a magnifying glass or something?

19" isnt that big really when you own one. The screen resolutions are still roughly the same :confused:

Like most people here, i like to see alot of things on my desktop rather than getting them to overlap one another which is why i use 1600x1200 resolution. I dont think i could ever go back to a smaller resolution now.. :eek:. Bascily im with SpeedY_B here :p. But were only saying that because we have higher screen resolutions than 800x600 and we feel more comfortable with space... well i do anyways :p

Alex :cool:


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Agoraphobia versus Claustoraphobia?

from 14" - where you NEED maybe to keep to lower res. to 19" - where you don't... it is a culture shift... personally I believ one day 21" will be the defacto standard for monitors - more is slitghtly overkill...

I had BEFOR and AFTER monitor pics - but I deleted the before - so if you want to, you may still see the AFTER (IE 19"!)
well now i know where you got your avatar idea from :p *looks at your mouse mat*

When i had my 14" (visable) monitor. i had my screen resolution on 1024x768. In my opinion, i guess you could call it kind of ideal for a small monitor for the fact that its not to big and it still gives you some space to move around on :)

Then it progressed to 1280x1024 when i got my 17" monitor, which once again was an ideal size in my opinion for a 17 inch sized monitor although, i did try and increase my res to 1600x1200 but my monitor didnt suport it (it was cheap:p)

So i got this 19" monitor which supported 1600x1200 and now i use that. Unfortunatly it doesnt support any higher and well.. i would of liked a bigger res to be honest really :confused:

Alex :cool:


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Mate I've got a 21" monitor but I only have the res on 1152x846.
Its because if I go any higher, the refresh rate drops and I like 100hz :p

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