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Compatible drivers for Vista


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Hard drives will be the least of your concerns when it comes to compatability. Since I know a little about where this thread is coming from, let me provide some further insight.

If you have a chance, give this a once-over:

In summary, here is what to look for:
CPU: If you go Intel, try to get the Pentium D (Dual Core), or if you go AMD try to get the AMD Athalon X2

RAM: The details behind this depend on whatever motherboard you get, i.e. PC3200 for most AMD rigs these days, vs PC5300 or similar for some Intel boards. The constant that remains is you should try to get at least 1GB, or 2GB if cost allows for it.

Hard Drive: Although IDE would be ok, try to go SATA. The price difference is relatively non-existent, and it gives you the ability for more growth going forward as certain motherboard manufacturers will be phasing out IDE controllers soon enough.

That should get you started, good luck :)
I would suggest a good Seagate SATA drive. a 5 year warrenty. But of course, you'll hear people rave about each brand. Maxtor, WD, etc.

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