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Compatability Issues SP2


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Does anyone knows at the top of their head, what programs will not run with SP2, or point me in the Direction, besides the M$ site?? :confused: :confused:
I guess your keyboard is not compatible, it's displaying in Caps :p

Seriously: The MS site is very up to date with these things, if you don't have problems, then I wouldn't worry. As long as it's not a 'blacklisted' app, you're fine. Unless you want to run a really old program written for pre XP OS'es, then you have a problem, but that's logical.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Well, there are some. Seems like Windows Explorer is Crashing quite a bit. And then I get an error message like Drwatson Debugger Postmortem has to close, because it encoutered problems. My IE , when I close it using the File Menu on the Left top hand corner it crashes.??

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When you say My IE I wonder if you are talking about MyIE2 (Maxthon). If so it may be that some of it's features conflict with Internet Explorer's new features in SP2. It is based on and may use some registry keys from IE for some of it's tasks.
Maybe try using IE as default browser for a while to see if this is the case.


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running maxthon(Myie2) with an SP2 machine and no porblems whatsoever. there might be wome spyware on IE that's causing your problem.


OSNN One Post Wonder
sorry guys did not make my self clear.

IE is Internet explorer.

well, I tried Fast Browser pro 7, they use the IE engine and it is fine

I don't know???

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