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Comparison of Vista and Windows 7 taskbars

Long Zheng has a nice little photoshop assisted comparison of the start bars on his blog over at:


Towards the end of his article he has a nice little tip:

(paraphrased) to get as close to vista's taskbar as possible, use small icons, text labels and don't pin anything to the taskbar.

If someone figures out quicklaunch before I re-install windows 7 please post.


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Quicklaunch is dead and gone... you can simulate it by putting any shortcuts you want in a folder and then right clicking on the taskbar, "New Toolbar", then browse to the folder you created.

All the functionality, none of the annoyance of every program in existence trying to add itself to your quicklaunch.


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Quicklaunch is not taken out. It is still there. You will find it in "userfolder\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" They just don't have it set standard ... There are a lot of people complaining about it. So maybe they will change it back ...


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One thing I've found REALLY annoying is Live Messenger having two task windows on the taskbar of Windows 7 - 1 of them is the actual application while the other is supposed to be the icon in the notification/system tray. However, it seems that both sits on the taskbar in Windows 7.


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Something about the task bar that is different is that they finally fixed the locking on top. Other wards - in xp or vista, when you would have the task bar locked at the top of the screen it would at times cover the top bar of a program you are using so there was no way to use the top bar features like minimize, restore, or exit. Windows 7 has it where the program will snap below the taskbar ... Finally :)

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