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I have a compaq presario notebook and its on a college t1. I was wondering why the max download is 7k? is this with all notebooks? anyone know? i never used a notebook b4 so im unaware. thx


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Well, my guess is the college as eveybody capped at a speed and in ur case I guess its at 7k a sec which to be honest sucks as I'm sure ur well aware of. If they don't have u capped then I'm not sure as to why ur only getting 7k a sec.


what college do you go to? My friend dorms at SJSU and they cracked down on people using Kazaa. Well..because he was caught using Kazaa, they capped his bandwidth off to 5kb/s. Do your room mates use any p2p programs? My friend messed up the internet for everybody in his dorm room.

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