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compaq boot


I have been reading about a laptop of mine and was wondering if this could be the problem.

it says the DRAM is messed up and you have to send them the old and they send you a new one. But they do not tell you what would happen if the ram has gone bad alrady. You can get a testing utility BUT i can't get into windows to use it.
As of right now I am looking at the red compaq logo from boot and it doesn't go anywhere from there. Could this be a "symptom" of what would happen if the DRAM has gone bad?


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hey mooo go and google memtest 86 and run it from boot. its a long test but if the ram is fuclked then it will tell you . :)


It doesn't do anything from boot. The compaq design as i understand is that it boots with bios under this logo. On another laptop I have used on the same screen it says "press f10 to go to setting" or something of that nature. BUT this one doesn't even show that. I will to put a bootable floppy in it but i don't even think that will work at this point.. put a fork in this one, its done :(

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