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comp Lock Up ! help



system :

Athlon 1800+
Geforce2MX200 Detenator 29.20
128MB DDR 2100
Asus board

everytime i try to change the FBS even by 1Mhz above 133 or change any memory setting, my comp locks up like 10-30 seconds after boot..
and even on default, when i run 3Dmark2k1SE it locks up after a few minutes...

This is so frusterating..err

please help if you can, thanks.


Full load, about 60c CPU, mobo 30c i think..

i'm useing Cpuidle to cool cpu down to arround 45c in windows.


I disabled the sensor in the bios cause i was told that
if i do that the bios won't halt my system when the temp goes up.

are you certain its the temp ?


Prodigal Son
I wouldn't say certain. I had my athlon go up to 60 once (my error). It locked up quick. Actually, if I remember right, it shut down. There may be other opinions on your specific problem. Give it some time, someone else will post.

da rock

sounds like a heat issue to me as well. it's just not a good idea to let your cpu temp get that high. what kind of cooling setup do you
Dude... You need better cooling.. I have a AMD XP 1800+ overclocked to a 2000+ and my temp is around 40c.

Get a better fan......

Here is a link to the fan I have. It is a : DRAGON ORB 3.


Hope this help...

PS... Dont ever disable the heat sensor in the bios......

You can kill a good CPU that way !!!!!



Yeah, i saw that fan and it looks awesome, i'll check how much it cost.

Anyway, i've noticed that my supplier brought me the wrong fan+heatsink for my cpu; he brought me the VOLCANO 5, and i read its only up to Athlon 1700+, and what i need is the VOLCANO 6Cu or the Cu+

Currently I had to set my FBS to 100Mhz (bummer) to stop the comp from locking up on full cpu load..
Originally posted by Vsync
what i need is the VOLCANO 6Cu or the Cu+
Do not get the 6+ if noise is an issue. It runs at a constant 7000 RPM. Where as the 6 without the + runs at 4550 RPM. Better yet, get a Volcano 7, variable speed, very quiet, very efficient.


Anyway, can you recommand me of a cooling
solution up to 20 bucks ? I can't efford more cause i'm
currently poor..

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