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comments please

I have had it.
I got a Gforce 4 Ti4200 card and ever sinse then I have been dealing with the infinite loop problem. I cant find a solution to this so I have decided to buy my answer. I am going to upgrade my ssytem. I need a Mobo, Processor and of course ddr memory. Right now I have:
1. ASUS A7V-133 motherboard
2. Athlon 1.0 gigz provessor
3. 768 megs PC-133 memory

I want to get at least a motherboard and memory now. I was wondering if all you nice people here at xp-erience could throw your recomendations my way. I need the most PCI slots availiable. Right now I have 6 and they are all bein gtaken up (except for the +1 next to the AGP slot). Well, any sugestions for the best hardware for the least amount of $$$ would be great. Thanx in advance


what are your PCI slots being taken up with? Perhaps you could get a mobo with integrated periphirals to free up some PCI slots? I'd get the Soyo board with the sis 645DX chipset, and a new p4 with some PC3200 or PC3000 DDR.
well i have
5 port USB 2.0 card
net card
net card
TV tuner card

yea I was looking ointo the Dragon or the ASUS A7V333 but I need to KNOW if there are infinite loop errors linked to either board before I get it....I freakin hate this problem, I got a Gforce 4200 to play my games with better graphix and find myself bnot even wanting to play them cause of the frustration that comes with this damn loop. Thanx for the post =]


u want the infinite loop fix??

go get RivaTuner... GeForce Tweak or even NVMax (i love this program shame they discontinued it)

go do a search in Google... these programs all have a tick box to fix the Infinite Loop BSOD problem.
ok I got NVmax and cheked off the "BSOD infinite loop fix" box. I ran 3dmark2001 ands froze =[
should I tweak anything else with NVmax?


Try geforce or rivatuner

nvmax was discontinued before geforce4's were released. (i got me a geforce 2 gts). But the other two are regularly updated so try those guys for the BSOD fix. It works.
cool guys, thanx for the replies.
Catch, that would really be the last resort because I already reinstalled and formatted when I installed the card. I did install the 4in1's but not before the card.

mbunny ok I'll try the geforce one

UofEEE, already done =]

I'll let you guys know what happens in my neverending quest for stability

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