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I've got it ready to order but want your guys opinions before I do.

Lian-Li PC-61 (Black) $125

ABIT IS7,Intel 865PE chipset for Socket 478 P4 ATX motherboard

Intel Pentium 4 / 2.4CGHz 512k socket 478 Hyper Threading Technology 800 MHz FSB ($169)

GEIL DDR RAM (2 sticks of 512MB=1GB) PC-3200 Value 400MHz Ultra- CAS 2.5, 2T CommandGL5123200B ($174)

80GB WD SE ($109-50rebate) ($59)

Antec Power supply True480 with Blue LED Fan Retail ($96)


Lite On 52x32x52 Black Color CDRW Drive LTR-52327S - OEM($41)

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack SP1a - OEM ($93)


BLACK ORtek MCK-800 Multimedia Keyboard. PS2 ($7)

Total= roughly $1075

This will be my first attempt at building a computer.

My plan was to have a pretty good system without overclocking but have the option of overclocking if I wished to do so.

The main components that I'm still alittle wary about are the MB and the Ram.

Should I pay alittle more and go with a MB that has more of the glitches worked out?

The Ram is alittle unknown but seems to get a good response on newegg.

Thanks for responses.


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Why not go for a DVD/RW instead of the CDRW?

Before I go any further, What is the main purpose of building this machine?


This will be primarily for gaming.

I'm not getting the DVD/RW just yet, cause I'm trying to keep the system price round $1000.

Thanks for the response.


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Have you thought about getting an AMD cpu/board at all?
I'm not sure what you think of AMD, but I find them just as good as Intel. Of course, if I had money, I'd go top of the range on everything.

I think you've got quite a good spec on this system, but adding a bit more Ram would be better for those resource hungry apps.


Correct Ming.

I was looking at the barton 2500+ and the Asus Motherboard for AMD Athlon XP/Duron Processors, Model# A7N8X Deluxe, which would come out to roughly $200.

I figured though to pay the additional $70, and get the p4 with the 800 fsb Mb.

I was thinking of possibly OCing the amd, but my balls arent big enough for that just yet.


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That's cool.
Can't do a lot more when trying to keep within the budget.

One thing you can reduce cost on is the Windows OS. If you have a full version of Windows 98 or above, you can just buy an upgrade version of Windows XP. Not sure how much upgrades are where you live though.
Your plans look fine. Here are a few cost saving ideas assuming you're in the USA.

You're paying too much for the 9500 PRO. I'm seeing it for around $179 at multiple places, even locally. Try allstarshop online or bestbuy locally.

RAM price might be a little high for an "off name brand". For that much you should be able to find CL2.0
EDIT - Or since this is a gaming system you only need 512meg. Buy 2 256 sticks.

Make sure you buy from a mail order place with free shipping on CPU, RAM and HD. Free shipping is standard these days. See essential computers for good cpu prices.

$125 for just a case is kinda steep. Money to be saved there unless it's mod'd "just the way you love it".

You'll love Lite-On, best cdrw I ever bought. Quiet, fast, reliable and very backup copy friendly.

Antec makes good supplies so you don't need to buy the biggest. Look at the bestbuy online add. They have the full line of Antec's and FREE shipping on power supplies. 400W or better will be plenty. Also the bigger the supply, the noisier.

Normally if you are cutting corners (9500 instead of 9800) I would recommend considering AMD instead of Intel then use the savings to up the video. But since this is your first build, and you haven't indicated any local buddies with experience to guide you, better not to risk putting a heatsink on the exposed silicon AMD chip.

The ABIT MB is fine but you may want to check on whether it supports the 875 enhancements using the 865PE chipset. ASUS is bragging about it (and being harassed legally) and gigabyte is neither denying or confirming it (but the benchmarks say it is supporting it). Check out the tomshardware.com review of the 865/875 MBs. Basically the MB companies found a way to make the 865PE play like an 875. :) Intel will be blocking this in future 865PE chipset builds.

Nice system with a 50% processor upgrade potential.


I do a amd xp 2500+ and a Abit Ns-7 opr a asus a7n8x deluxe and 2 x 256 pc2700 or 3200 ram :)

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