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Commands [ installing Windows ME ]


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I've tried to install Windows Millenium yesterday on a new computer but I've forgot totally some commands and will be aprecciated some help . That pc. has no O.S and I would like to install Me from the boot disk but I've forgot the commands for starting setup.exe from it's folder .. ;)

I would like also to see the contents of the cd from the boot disk .. [/.../.../]
I've attached a pic. also
Thanks a lot . Cosmin :shifty: .. very tired right now ( 5 in the morning ) and I'd like to start installing from now on' .. Thanks again .

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Put the boot floppy in & boot up selecting cd rom support. When it loads stick the ME cd in & get to the cd rom eg, D:\ & type cd win9x. Get's you here D:\win9x. Now type setup (enter & away it goes)


Get/make a 98 boot disk with cd-rom support. Boot off the disk and load the cd-rom support. During the bootup process, it will assign a drive letter to your cd drive. Try to watch and see what letter drive that is (of course you can always pic and guess). Assuming it's the D drive, type in the following.
That should get you going (assuming you have all the necessary files on that cd).

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