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Commandline partitioning in DOS

Hey guys. I want to make an autorecovery disk for a laptop I am using atm. I can use the laptop, but I have to restore Windows 98 back if they want it back. That chance is rather slim, but present nevertheless. Anyway I want to make a recovery disc that does the following automagically:
- repartitioning the harddrive in 3 parts, one Windows partition, one data partition and one backup partition (all FAT32).
- copy the Ghost image from cd-rom to the backup partition
- fire up Ghost using the commandline to restore the image back to the Windows partition.

The last two things aren't difficult, it's the first one I am having questions about. As I want to make a cd that I pop in the drive, and should do it's work automagically I want to know if there is a commandline app that I can use to partition the drive the way I want. I have Partition Magic 8.01, but I can't see anything in the docs about commandline partitioning. This all has to work in DOS real mode, as I would be using bootup discs to bootup the computer.
Yes, but it can't do commandline thingies. What I mean is something like:
<app name> -c PRIMARY -s 2GB -t FAT32 -o ACTIVE
<app name> -c EXTENDED -s 4GB
<app name> -c LOGICAL -s 2GB -t FAT32
<app name> -c LOGICAL -s 2GB -t FAT32
etc etc etc
That kind of commandline applications. With fdisk you can only use /?, /STATUS, /X and /MBR.

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