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27 Dec 2001
I want to start my own business alongside my normal job to make some extra money here and there. My senior year in college, I was a tech for my school's network department, and I took care of all sorts of issues for students. I'd like to do the same type of thing now, only for people and families living in my community instead of college students. I've got most of the logistics taken care of, but I'm having trouble coming up with a name that I really like. I want something catchy that can be easily remembered because it's creative. An example of a company that does something similar is "Geeks On Call." I think that's a good name because it meets those qualifications. Everyone here had a lot of suggestions for the new site name during the switch to OSNN, so I'm hoping I can get a few good suggestions from some of you. Thanks! :D
GCC- Geek Community Center? :) :D

Will come up with more later though. :) ;)
hehe, the is a newer volkswagen bettle by my house thats like nerds r us on it... its great... ummm... how about.... C-Bay? lol
NOD - Nerds On Demand
How bout Techdocs, Comp E.R.

Another thing you may wanna do before settling on a name is to contact your local agency in charge of copyrights and check to make sure you wouldn't be infringing on any copyrights.
SuperGeek Tech Support

Network Nerd On-Demand

CompuGeek Networking

NetGeek Creations

Actually you can't legally do something R Us. Toy's R Us trademarked the R Us idea or something like that.

What aboug
GoD - Geeks On Demand
CompuNerd (A spin from CompuServe) or even CompuNerve
Yeah, that one is scetchy because people won't like that it relates to that dude.... what's his name... you know... that guy... GOD.

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