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Not an issue Comedy in the mailbox

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Anonymous has recently submitted a question or comment to the website OSNN via the online contact us module.

They submitted the following question/query:

Subject: Invalid xHTML

Your site is showing that you have a valid xHTML site, when in fact it has 40 errors. I have reported this to the W3C or improperly displaying this icon. I suggest you remove this from your site or correct the issues.

Using the email address:


The email was submitted under the following section:

Site Problems
I wanted to address this and frankly couldn't because it turns out that anonymous had provided such a private email address that I didn't feel secure attempting to make the effort - so I will do it here.
I replaced the string '<video>' with 'video' and '<audio>' with 'audio' and all is right in the world again.

Thanks for the heads up and please resist the urge to report me.

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