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Columbo actor 'has Alzheimer's'

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A court document filed by Peter Falk's daughter says the Emmy-winning actor, best known as TV detective Columbo, has Alzheimer's disease.

Catherine Falk is seeking approval to act as a conservator - or legal guardian - so that she can manage the affairs of her father, 81.

She claims he is no longer able to recognise people.

The petition was filed last Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court. A hearing is scheduled for January.

The court papers state that Mr Falk lives in Beverly Hills with his wife and requires constant care.

The actor was born in New York in 1927 and spent several years as a stage actor and bit-part TV player before landing the role of Columbo.

His performance as the shambling, seemingly absent-minded detective won him four Emmys, while the character stayed with him for 35 years.

He has also appeared in films such as Shark Tale and cult children's movie The Princess Bride.

In the 1960s, he received two Oscar nominations for best supporting actor - for Pocketful of Miracles and Murder, Inc.
Just read this on the BBC, what a shame. My grandad had alzheimer's, it's a cruel disease :(
I absolutely loved watching Columbo especially the way you knew who did it from the beginning then you just sat back and watched him do his stuff :)


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alzheimer does suck :/
my great aunt had it... and my mom's teacher from college killed himself when he realized he was in early stages (must be really really tough when u're a neurologyst)

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i would make a comment here but i doubt it would be well received, even though my granddad had it i will refrain from what i was going to say
Alzheimer's Disease is brought on by protein 'mis-folds' in the afflicted's brain. A link has been recently discovered between Alzheimer's and Diabetes, so regular checkups and thorough treatment of Diabetes may be integral to staving off Alzheimer's later in life.

Stanford University's Folding @ Home distributed computing project is attempting to map the complex process of protein folding and subsequent mis-folding to try to help scientists and drug manufaturers identify markers that may assist in a better understanding of protein-related disease, as well as a more exacting, pinpoint treatment for patients. Anyone interested in helping scientists find cures for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, many forms of Cancer and other protein-related diseases should check out the project. http://folding.stanford.edu/

OSNN has it's own folding team, team #35216 for those who don't know. And on behalf of those suffering with these diseases, which included members of my own family, I would like to say thank you for your contribution guys. Past and present, every piece of the puzzle you help with matters.
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My great grandmother had Alzheimer's before she died. It was bad. She went one day of knowing who I was to not knowing the next day. She didn't know even know who her daughter was, what her name was, where she was, what day it was.

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