colin powell gone?

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Of course you can expect to see a book.... They all do that.. But look. powel has done many things in his term.. So say good some ssay bad. but that not the issue.

Not to worry there are many other waiting to get into his posisition. I feel there isn't going to be a HUGE change like some people are thinking there will be.


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I was thinking that too Xie...but i have be watching the news and havent heard anybody say anything like that.


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This is common btw, almost all Secretary of State's last about 4 years, if that. Condi Rice has been appointed new SOS


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so bush is gonna fight the war on terror with a set of new guys?
why didnt they all quit before the election?

pppssssssst (that was a rhetorical question)


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Put in perspective:


The resignations are on a par with what other presidents who have won second terms have experienced.

In 1984, President Reagan named a new attorney general and new Treasury, Interior, Labor, Energy, Education and Health and Human Services secretaries. In 1996, President Clinton tapped new secretaries at State and Defense as well as Commerce, Labor, Transportation, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development.


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Its a stressful job, can hardly blame him.
Take for example Tony Blair, if you look at pictures of him when he first took office he looked young and full of life, now he looks almost tired and ragged

Son Goku

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I just noticed this myself... So much for suggestions that Rice would replace Rummy. Quite frankly, with Powell (described as more of a moderate) going, and if Rummy stays; I think peeps can get an idea of what "changes" we can likely expect...


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I'll say right now that I haven't read the previous replies to the initial post on this topic...

Did anyone actually expect him not to resign during the second term of Bush?

Powell, IMO, really never did much during the the previous term and I wouldn't have been shocked to see him resign 2 years ago. I just don't believe he was the man for this position. I respect Powell but I never could see him in this role.

I don't think his resignation will really make a damn bit of difference [be it because he wished to resign or, as it usually works, he was asked to resign].



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FishBoy said:
well here's someone else who couldn't take anymore of bush
After my last post I scanned a few posts...

Quite often and with much purpose people are asked to resign rather than being dismissed (ie fired). Do not take a resignation as a person not being able to take anymore of a President.

Of course you could have said this in jest but I can't know whether you did or not.



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Geffy said:
Its a stressful job, can hardly blame him.
Take for example Tony Blair, if you look at pictures of him when he first took office he looked young and full of life, now he looks almost tired and ragged
Look at Reagan after 1 term in office. Look at Clinton after 1 term in office. This extends to pretty much every modern US President [as well as adminstration] or foreign leader. Any person in any high position will look the worse for it after a few years.

Leadership and stress takes its toll.


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powell made it clear a long time ago he was leaving after one term...this is his choice, not the presidents

rice is a terrible candidate for this position and any position

or did everyone forget that this women had the nerve to tell us "nobody could imagine an airliner could be used as a missle"

speaking on the presidents behalf and the inteligence comunity's behalf, she had the nerve to say something as rediculous as that!!!

this in the face of information that told her specificaly bin laden would be highjacking comercial airlines and using them as weapons with politcal and financial structures as the targets.

like a retard couldn't figure out an airliner is a missile


she is also the same person that had the nerve to get front of Americans and tell us that the precise warning whcih told is an attack on our soil was sure to come was a "historical document"

this in spite of the fact that the two aids that wrote the warning told this president that this was a current threat of the highest regard, NOT historical

how she even remains in public office is a credit to the wealthy owned media that gives her a free pass, and protects everything associated with this president

do people remember this?...the entire defense community's "hair is on fire" as never before in their experience, and she makes beleive the intel was "historical"

now she gets a promotion...this gets better and better


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6 total so far have resigned?
Yeah, I also read somewheres that Powell didn't plan on staying the 2nd term. I also read that he wasn't asked to leave nor was he asked to stay.

Perris Calderon

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he was asked to say that he would stay when he made it clear he was leaving

he said he'd think about staying

I can't wait to read his know he strongly urged against a war on a second front

Bush ignored that advice...and here we are today

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