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cnet vote: ie7 vs Firefox


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Seems like a bad time to be taking a poll. IE7 isnt even supposed to be that public right now. Ill check back on it when MS lets people like me get my hands on it. :)
Even though I have legitimate access to the IE 7 beta, I'd rather give it a fair chance and wait until RTM before I decide which I one prefer. There are plenty of changes that haven't been checked into the Beta 1 build.

Wonder why nobody ever started an IE 6 vs. Phoenix 0.1 poll... :rolleyes:

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Yeah, it does seem a bit disengenuous that they would have put a poll out before the product is outa beta testing. Not sure about this beta; but some betas I have had in the past had issues that if it were complete I would have voted less positively concerning, then I would have with the finished product. Yes, I've had a few installs toasted in the past from some operating system betas.


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stupid time to make a poll like that .. I would wait till it comes out to the public before deciding on anything.
to be fair though they had polls like this going before Firefox hit v1.0

regardless I wont be able to vote til I get home as the only computers I currently have access to are an iBook, a Mac Mini and a PC with a fried power supply :p


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mastershakes your right on everybody uses what they find the best for their needs. Me I like Opera better then either IE or FF but still have uses for both of them :/

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