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CMOS Checksum Error!!!!!



I have a friend who bought a KT133A Abit motherboard, AMD Duron 800 and 512 MB of PC133 RAM and had no problem with the computer the first 3 weeks he used it. Then, after installing a new modem, the computer began to act funny. After troubleshooting, the computer would fail to restart giving him a boot block CMOS Checksum error even after reverting to the old modem. After exchanging parts and coming to the conclusion that the motherboard had gone bad he sent away for an MSI K7T Turbo2.

Still, a CMOS checksum error. He RMA'd that one and after receiving the new MSI he still got a checksum error. The only existing parts from the original configuration are the CPU and video card (which has been tested in another computer). What the hell is going on? The computer will work but he has to reset the CMOS jumper on the board everytime before he starts up, or video will not initialize.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I don't know, really... only thing I can think of is incredible lack of luck with the batteries on the mobos: as if it couldn't keep cmos data...
Is there any problem with the power supply or electricity in the room ?


The power supply has been swapped with another one and all batteries have been tested and replaced. The only thing I can think of can be a wiring issue or electricity problem, because those are the only things that havent been tested, except for the CPU... which I seriously doubt could cause this problem. I can't understand it. I havent had a chance to look at it yet, hopefully its not something insanely stupid.

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