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close call last night


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Well to make this short as possible. last night around 10:30pm I was heading off to bed when I noticed a very strange smell while walking up the stairs. As I approached the Bedroom I asked my Fiancee if she noticed the faint smell of smoke. she said no. but as I entered the doorway of our bedroom It became stronger. Right then I told her to get outside.

I ran down to the basement and did not notice anything wrong. I ran back up the stairs and became very strong. I ran outside and My neighbor was out side as she told me that she also smelled the faint smoke.

mind you My fiancee and I live in an attached condo. I began pounding and ringing the doorbell to our neighbors. no one answered, but I noticed their car was still there. I dialed 911. the fire department arrived and asked me the situation. i told them about the smell and told them aboutt he smell upstairs.

they did heat scans throught the walls and found no sign of heat or fire. but the smell was strong. they came outside while all the neighbors were out in the courtyard. they took a door ram and blasted the neighbors door down and found no sign of smoke..

more fire trucks arriving mind you.. the scene was intense. :(
then they started to heat scan the brick and pinpointed the heat comming from the Electric meters that are on the side of our condo. there were years of bird nests crammed inside. they took axes and began smashing them open, and tons of smoke and flames began shoots out.

HOLY ****!!! i though we were going to lose our home last night.. because the fire was beginning to build between our walls.

they were able to put out the fire. and all is well :) We are safe and that is what is important. I feel blessed and thank God. because if this happened today were would not be so lucky because we are going camping this weekend and would not be home...

Our smoke detector were working. but I caught the smoke before they did.

As a person on a Tech forum. I consider many here a friend on the web. but Please make sure you have your detectors with new batteries and or get new ones if you have ones that are 5 years or older....

I am posting this at work before i leave for home and get ready for a relaxing weekend camping.....:) Have a great weekend everyone! :)
smoke detectors only work on smoke particles not on the chemicals that cause the smell, they'd have only detected an external fire once it really got going.

Glad you're ok though.


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I am glad to hear that it didn't get to be serious. I know first hand what it is like to loose things to a house fire. I hope you enjoy the camping trip.


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You got very luckly. Well yes it may have gotten to the point where the smoke detector would detect it, but you smelled it before it to that point and did the right thing in getting the fire department there and the result was everybody is safe no buildings lost and I would guess mostly minor damage to the buildings

Enjoy your camping trip as you deserve it after last night


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tdinc, I also (as Johnny said) know the feeling of a fire in your home/apartment all too well. I am glad that no one was injured or that no ones' Condo was burnt or damaged. Well except for your neighbor's door. He is probably pissed at you for that. :p

But in all seriousness, glad that no one lost anything, except some sleep. :)


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Well it's a good thing you smelled something, otherwise you could have been cooked in a brick oven.

At least you are well enough and secure enough to leave the big cleanup to someone else.

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