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clone from IDE to RAID 0 array ???


NTFS Stoner
can i do this ? norton say not with there software :(

i just installed 2 30 gb maxtor on my raid channel and dont want to go through a mass reinstall, is there anyway round this ?



I did exactly what you describe using Norton ghost.
Created Ghost Image of my System, tweaked to what I wanted.
I then created the Raid Array, and copied the Ghost Image to the new Raid Drive.

Works Great! :)


NTFS Stoner
now to complicate matters again. i tried to use the partition to partition with ghost, i didnt realise u had to have a partition set to clone to and not raw format. as soon as i set a partition i was able to copy c drive to my new w drive. i set bios to boot from hdd1 then hdd0 and got a disk boot error, please insert disk.

so to recap. i dont want to format, and my C drive is 80gb, split into 60 and 20.

i want to take the 60gb c drive partition in its bootable format and copy to w drive, making that the bootable drive. but i would also like to keep the info on c drive as an image incase of disaster.

i think im biting off more than i can chew again :rolleyes:


OSNN Addict
Is the new partition set as 'Active'?

You can check this using a win98 bootflop and then use fdisk..
There is an option to set a partition as active....



NTFS Stoner
erm i dont think a win98 boot floppy will see the NTFS will it ? but i see your point on that 1, i will look into it a little more when i get home tonight, thanks m8.

(i really dont want a FAT32 partition though)


OSNN Addict
Oh yeah.... It will see it alright...

When fdisk starts you will get a question about NTFS partitions...
Just say Yes (it's the default)...

fdisk can see and name the NTFS-partition...Although Win98 can not use it...



NTFS Stoner
thanks anyway, i blew the pc up last week after refitting the heatsink whilst hammerd.

1 new mobo, cpu and ide card later i realise i got ide and not ide raid controller, later that day i spit my dummy out and format the raid drive.

then i find out xp can run raid by formattin both my 30gb's into 1 dynamic raid channel.. cool huh (wish i knew that b4)

so i lost everything LOL

dammit i will backup once in a while :confused:

and people pay for my PC know how ROFL :eek:

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