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click here to begin!


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can anyone advise how to disable "click here to begin" box that appears every time I hover over start menu? also the information boxes that appear if the mouse cursor hovers over almost anything else.

many thanks


Perris Calderon

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I love those little information boxes...tell me all sorts of stuff, like when I have a wireless connection, when I don't.

they also tell me where to begin, which is VERY helpfull

really, before I had such a big screen it was an issue, now I like them


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perris said:
they also tell me where to begin, which is VERY helpful
For the beginner maybe, yes, and for the people who don't know that the word "Start" means "Begin" :laugh:

Personally, I also find a lot of popup info annoying, like the information that keeps popping up when I'm browsing through documents - "Yes I know it's Word document", "Yes I know there's 30.1 GB available on my C: drive, I'm in detail view, you know?" - it continually gives information that I already can read from the detailed view... and yes, that is terribly annoying, because I'm not always trying to read the information of the file the cursor accidentally points to.

So I understand that people want to get rid of it.
but it's not like the tooltips are in the way, I use them alot, to figure out what a button does, I miss applications that don't do this.

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