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cleaning the registry


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i know next to nothing about the registry but what i do know is that after i uninstall programs they tend to leave stuff behind that i no longer need. is there a program that cleans the registry out properly that requires little input from me? i tried a program before (can't remember what it was) and it crashed my comp and i had to reinstall XP. i want to avoid this. i am not a computer moron, just a registry moron.

try regcleanr.exe (yes the e should be missing).

It is not a super duper clairvoyant program. All it does is list all the programs in your registry. If you see something you know you deleted select and delete it. It won't get everything but its a good start and has made reinstalls workable for me when they were being tempermental.

Also, if you uninstall a program afterwards go and delete the directory it was in. They like to leave "useful" stuff behind in case you change your mind and want to reinstall..

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