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Cleaning a CPU Using a Soft Paintbrush


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I would recommend using canned/compressed air when cleaning things inside a PC. A soft brush isn't necessarily bad, but you should avoid contact with these components when at all possible. If the option prevents itself, get an ESD free vaccuum to suck up the dust :)
Like Kyn said, "canned air".

Depending on the type of brush bristles, humidity, etc the brushing can produce a static discharge (like your finger to the light switch). Dry brushing is forbidden at work.

PS Keep away from the "Endust" brand of electronic cleaner. They started adding fragrances to it. They will leave a residue on the board (and smell terrible).


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This so funny, i was at my friends place today and i was i saw a soft paintbrush in his living room, and he was like hey thats my painbrush that i use to clean the cpu... i was thinking it was werid, but i guess others do this too..
though i saw some of my frends too.. its not a paintbrush but a brush exclusive for motheboards...its very fine like feather but brush look though....


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and.... if you're trying to spray canned air into a tight corner..... do not hold it upside down and try to spray it. that is..... unless you want a slightly frosty motherboard or whatever you're trying to blow off.


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A soft paintbrush is not the best due to the possibility of creating a static charge fron the friction of the bristles on the board or any of the other things you rub with it. Think of all the rugs you use to rub yer feet on and then touch yer friends in the spine/back. Yeeeeow! Static electricity, bad ju ju.
Compressed air is meant precisely for this kind of stuff. I have a few cans always available.
You can pick them up at any local electronics store.

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