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I don’t know if this was ever posted or ever tried by anyone else so DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Be safe and back up the Registry first!

This was an article in a magazine i've recently bought. My main concern is that they tell you to go to startup folder but in my computer, I’ve found the files at startupreg(I will explain it better on the bottom).

Pretty much everybody in this forum probably already customized their startup items. But how do I remove them from the MSCONFIG list if I no longer will allow then to load? (See Picture 1)


On this example, I want to remove kazaa from the list because I will never allow it to load at start up so I want to remove it from the list.

This is what you do: (Remember one thing: you are not removing anything on the RIGHT panel, what you want to delete is Registry term for the folder, on the left panel See picture 2)

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSconfig

In the magazine, it read to go to startupfolder so if you want to try that, go ahead but in my computer I didn’t find anything that I’ve wanted to delete so I’ve clicked on the startupreg folder and there were the sub files... (See Picture 2)


Once you’ve there, locate the item you want to delete (In my case, Kazaa Media Desktop) right click the file and select delete (make sure you check at MSCONFIG and compare the file to the one located under startupreg)
Once you’ve done, reboot, open MSCONFIG and select the Startup tab and the item that you’ve deleted will no longer be present. Repeat if you have anymore programs that you want to remove.

Good luck!

PS:Sorry i've had to link the images


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XP makes it a lot easier

giving you the registry address in the startup panel

I've been doing this for a long time it is safe


some programs wont work without this entry

so its best to disable it first to see if the program will work
then delete its entry from the registry only when you are absolutely sure the app will still work



Cool, I've been wondering how to do this for a while but never really spent the time to look for a cure.... Thanks!


OSNN Addict
some programs wont work without this entry so its best to disable it first to see if the program will work then delete its entry from the registry only when you are absolutely sure the app will still work
Thanks for adding that up TwoZigzagColt45!!

No problem Kr0m !


hey guys....i just want to know.....if i Unckeck the startup registry in the MSCONFIG for Winampa.exe , ElbyCheck and NeroCheck this means that those programs don´t start with windows right?.......but could i have some problems when it comes to using Nero, CloneCD or Winamp??????........or is it better to have those running on startup??

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I use roxio direct cd & turn it off in msconfig. When it is needed it turns itself on. Same might be true with your apps. Try it. You can always turn them back on.


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ElbyCheck - CloneCD or Winamp
they will work
dont about nero ???


I leave ElbyCheck - CloneCD enabled now

because my DVD drive & CDRW drive both got renamed CD drive
after disabling ElbyCheck in MSCONFIG :(



Also I learned that the elby check (or similar) in MSCONFIG appears to be their software registration info (number, etc). When I leave it checked, clone opens and runs perfectly, when unchecked I start getting error codes when I attempt to start clone, and near as I can figure it all boils down to Ebytes ability to confirm that their program is being used by the registered owner once that info has been entered. God I must be tired...long, run on, wandering sentences. Anyway, My two cents worth.

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