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Clean Linux uninstall

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After all the asking around about how to install linux, i am forced to uninstall it.

my logic tels me that if i delete the linux partitions using FDISK than linux will go away. the only thing i'm not sure about is grub.

do i need to uninstall grub (if i do, how do i do that???) first or can i just FDISK away and grub will disappear on its own leaving only WindowsXP to boot?


I may actually be insane.
There's probably a better method that what i'm about to suggest but its worked for me in the past :) .....

You can fdisk the linux partitions away, this will be easiest if you wish to re-format them in FAT/NTFS, if you wish to install linux again, you should format them.

as for grub try "fdisk /mbr" this will wipe the master boot record basically doing the same as an fdisk to a HD, but instead clearing off grub.

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