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Clarckconnect Home 2.0


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Hi i have installed clarkconnect home 2.0 which i have setup as a internet gateway and router. The problem is i am having some diffaculties with the initial setup nad i have downloaded the manual and it does not seem to help.
The problem is that when installed the software promts for a login in and password why is this ? nowhere in the installation does it ask you to enter one. Also I dont get my internet connection until next thursday will it still weork despite not detecting the internet.
Finally the server does not appear on the house network despite my setting it for windows filesharing in the installation.

Many Thanks



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I tried Clarkconnect at first, didnt like it and it was hell to configure. So I went to Smoothwall instead, which Im very happy with :)
I don't remember the setup exactly. but if you haven't been asked to enter a user and password there is a default you should use. I'm guessing "admin" with no password. Maybe.

About the file server issue. Have you set the workgroup and server name correctly? It may also take some time before the server shows up in your local network as Windows will have to scan for it and find it first.


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As far as I know i think the biggest issue is currently with non-support network cards which i will need to replace, i orgionally used isa but switched to pci but it is a naff cnet chipset which i dont belive is supported.


I have used 2.0. The program should ask for a root password during the installation. If it didn't, redo it. Clark is a cross between Red Hat and Debian. The reason why it asks for a username and password is because the entire operating system is run via the web. The console does not allow you to make vital changes (only changes to NIC settings and such). All of your administration is going to come from the web interface. Because of the nature of Clark, I would not recommend it for a lot of applications. While it is Linux, it is very bare bone and a lot of compilers and libraries are not installed, nor can they be. But, if you are looking for a basic system, then it's a good thing to have. You might need to wait for your internet connection because I believe that it has to have an IP on both nics before setup is done correctly.

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