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Cisco VPN Client 5.0.03, serious installation problems


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Hey guys,

Here at work at one of our customers, we are going to have to begin using the Cisco VPN Client to establish a VPN connection to their site. I have attempted to install the software, however everytime I do it notifies me that I have a legacy version of the software and it will attempt to uninstall it. It prompts me to reboot so that it can uninstall, and when I login it notifies me that it will try to install, and it winds up doing the process all over again.

After a few times of constantly rebooting because it told me to, I wound up attempting to uninstall the old client from Add / Remove programs. I went through that process, which again told me to reboot so it can finish the uninstallation. When I login to the computer again, the previously installation attempt opens again (every single time) notifying me that there is old software installed and it will try to uninstall it. The entry is still in Add / Remove programs.

Since the uninstall attempts yielded the same results, and attempting to "cancel" the installation doesn't do anything, I attempted to remove the VPN directory manually. The software STILL reports that it's installed. This is a vicious cycle. I'm attempting to stop the installation from running all together every bootup, however I don't see it under my Startup programs or in the registry. Can someone please help me either get this installed, or stop it from coming up all together?


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