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Cingular 8125


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I have become obsessed with this phone...
I've been looking for a new phone to get and this is definately it... I mean look at it : http://www.cingular.com/8125_consumer

I can't wait for that... It is so cool!
Again its not the issue of paying for it, its the issue of getting it unlocked, not to mention that stupid cingular won't let me figure out if i am eligible for an upgrade... :(
Oh well...
I'll get is soon enough
If you're looking for unlocked versions, Ebay has plenty. The Cingular 8125 is basically a re-branded version of the iMate K-Jam, also known as the HTC Wizard or the T-Mobile MDA.
Yeah, it's not a cheap phone by any means. T-Mobile is selling the same thing (MDA) for $349 with a new contract (two years now, I believe).
I've been watching that and the SDA (aka the Cingular 2125). Waiting for their prices to drop, which will happen eventually.

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