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ok i was just thinking about christmas and i was thinking who believes in the religious aspect of it.

do you celebrate it in a religious or non-religious way?

in my opinion it is just another holiday i dont believe the religious bit


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in my opinion it is a holiday that where all your family come and gather into a big house and open up gifts and celebrate. have fun and be thankful.


well being a non-religious type i voted no ....its mainly for me about eating a sh*tload and drinking a sh*tload at someone else's expense ....except those years when we host it at our house .....i tell everyone that comes they're looking fat and shouldnt eat so much and that drinking is bad for your health ...but dammit they never fall for it ..it costs me a small fortune ..thankfully they we only host it about every 5 years or so at our house


Dang.... Some real scrooges in here. I just volunteered for 15 hours yesterday to sort christmas gifts and set up a party to fund charity for food for families that cant afford a christamas dinner.. On the 23rd im handing out food to families..... Yall gotta take a look in the mirror and figure it out. It isnt all about YOU this christmas. Its not about religion or culture and I think we all know that. Get it together.....
I love Christmas. Just yesterday, I hated it. Now I love. Something might happen within the next few days, that will change, or perhaps, end it all...
Now you're all teasing Burpster. :blink:

You know how the story goes...little tim is going to come by...and then....

he's going to eat him

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