choosing which monitor a progam opens on


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guys i recently got a second monitor which i would like to use to play games on. i would like to keep my only on the primary monitor. the problem is when i want to start a game it will only start on the primary monitor. i am wondering if there is some hot key i can push to get a program to stert on a different window?
Windows will only start it on the primary monitor. You could move it to the secondary monitor in windowed mode, I guess. If I remember right it just goes back to the primary if you try to maximize it. If you want your games to play on the other monitor, you can go into windows and assign it as the primary instead of the one that is currently the primary.

Just curious, what makes you want to play games on the secondary monitor?


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primary is 17 inch 1024x12xx and secondary is 1680x1050 20 inch. i don't want to use the 20 incher for primary because it is also a tv and i moight be whatching tv on it and it is not set in the right posistion to be good to look at from the desk. does anyone know of any program that could help me?


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A while back I installed a program that allowed 4(four) different screens for my monitor display.It was nice because there was a seperate screen for say Sports,News,whatever one desires. There was another that offered more displays, but I can't remember the name. Since then I have removed it and now want it back. The problem is I lost it!! I can't remember the name of the program. Can someone please help? Thanks


I'm sorry Hal...
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guys i figured out a way to do it pm me if you need to know. it is kind of compicated. :)
Ultramon should be able to, i know you said you tried it but might have missed some options. go to the properties of the shortcut of the game (or app) and there is a tab for ultramon which allows you to set the primary monitor and otherthings just for that app

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