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Choosing a Digital Camera; Help Needed.

I've been looking around, and I wish to spend under 1,000 for a camera, memory, carry case :) Also, I want something that's 5 megapixel. Manual settings a good +

Was looking around, and I read quite a lot of good things about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717 link

I've also read some bad things. I realize this camera is said to have a great battery life, excellent photo quality and some camcorder functions; nightshot, nightframing. It's 800 dollar price tag appeals to me, but one thing spooks me badly. The memory format. It uses Sony's media, which is quite expensive. I could afford one 128MB stick, maybe, maybe a 256, but that's a maybe, as it's expensive, and being 15, I have to work quite hard to earn this money. I noticed other cameras have different formats, one being microdrives, going up 1GB of memory for 200 dollars, compared to Sony's 1GB of Memory Card Pro for 800 bucks. Memory is expensive...and I plan on taking quite a lot of high quality photos, and I won't be able to upload them somewhere for some time.

So, what do you think I should do? Find another camera alternative? If so, what could you suggest? Feel free to add in and ask anything, as I may have missed something out.

Thank you all so much for the help, no matter how small.
I would go for a Cannon Powershot A40 or the A70 (latest version I think). These have many advantages over others when cost is a major consideration. 128 or 256 modules for these are cheap at the moment picture quality is excellent and the camera electronics are second to none with very little noise. The A40 has been voted one of the best cheap digital cameras by many computer magazines and the picture quality is superb for amateur use. Mind you it’s not a professional camera (15M pixels and above) but for normal use provides great value for money.

Don't worry to much about Mb/pixels go for the picture quality and ease of use.


For consistent quality , have a look at the Fujifilm range.
I think there is a 5 mega pixel in their current list.
Memory cards at the moment are approx $50 for 128 Mb .


for affordability i'd say go for the powershot A70, it takes pretty good pics for a 3MP and uses CF cards which are really cheap, still not professional quality but i traded my SLR in for it
i used all the cameras listed above and sony dscp72...and the f717 is a good choice...i don't know what ur looking for tho..Versatility, best image quality or what? also sony memory sticks are a little overpriced but so what? their cameras are better. and you can probably find a memory stick pro 256mb for 100 or less

oh by the way the canon a70 is ugly and produces some purple fringes...
Image quality, shutter speed, manual controls all important to me. Looking at the 717 right now :)

I got around to going to a best buy, looking at A70, then checked out sample images online, I didn't like it.


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Originally posted by RogerPhillis
For consistent quality , have a look at the Fujifilm range.
I'd have to agree with you there. I've had a 2 Megapixel one from Fulifilm
for a few years now. Really good picture quality. But 2 Megapixel is a bit pants now right?


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if you're going to be spending that much on a camera, i wouldn't mess around with a company that doesn't specialize in them (ie. sony). go with canon, olympus, fuji... those kinds of companies.


Taurus, have to disagree. Nothing against Canon, Fuji or Olympus (Still love my Olympus SLRs), but do you think they are specialists for electronics? We are talking about a digital camera here. For the optical part the Sony has a lens made by Zeiss, among the best you could get.


I sell the whole Sony line at my store, among a few Canons and here is what I think: Sony's media is expensive, menu interface is among the best, quality and usefulness is 8 on a scale to 10. Canon takes the cake with image quality (only) with their higher end peices, though their menu interface isn't so hot. I own the old Sony DSCS85, and if I had to buy ANY camera right now it would either be the DSCV1 or the DSCF717.
ummm sony is the best at digital cameras...yeah canon and olympus did start good camera lines but not DIGITAL!!!!!!! GO WITH SONY!!!!!!!!!! and check out their new dscv1

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