Chipset Fan Problem!!!!



I have a GIGABYTE 7ZXR motherboard with Athlon 1,33 GHz (Thermaltake 6Cu+ cooler) and 512MB Kingston SDRAM, Maxtor 30GB (7200rpm)!!!!
The processor is not overclocked and i'm not using RAID!!!! There was a small fan on the chipset (northbridge) which recently broke down an i took it off!!!!My question is if this fan is really needed or if i will have any problems without it!!!! So far i haven't had any problems!!!!
If anyone has similar experiences PLEASE POST ANSWERS!!!!:) :) :)

Nick M

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Hey and Welcome to Xperience! Hope you stick around. Which I don't know too much about chipsets, I would say it is there for a purpose, and you should replace the broken fan with a new one. I would check to see if the place where the fan was on feels hot...


i would definently replace it its not worth the risk of burning up your system for a fan that probally costs about 20 bucks maybe less


:) :) Thanx for your suggestions!!!! I didn't add that there is a cooler over the chipset and i touched it after the computer worked for about 2 hours - it wasn't really hot!!!!! ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS? :cool: :cool:

Nick M

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Ah so now there is a passive heatsink over the chipset that used to have a fan on it. I would just get another little fan for it, just to be happy. I believe Gigabyte boards do this, not all, but mine does, to check your temperature, go into the bios, and there should be something like system monitor. It should tell you there.


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same thing happened to me. the chipset fan went out and i replaced it. then that one broke down after about 2 months. i got tired of it so i've been without one for about 6 months now and no problems at all. but the heatsink on it is not real short, i do have adequate airflow through my case, and my front side bus is not overclocked.

but my fsb is 100mhz and yours is 133mhz, so your northbridge will need a little more cooling than mine. but try without a fan for a while if you want, and i bet you'll be fine.. cuz otherwise you might be replacing it somewhat often.
Chipset fans are low quality most of the time. I always try to get mobos with just a heatsink. I know some people successfully replaced their heatsink and fan with an old socket 7 heatsink (Pentium I or MMX). Since the fan is gone you need a bigger heatsink. The socket 7:s seem to do the trick. The tricky part could be getting it to stick to the board...

Nick M

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I think a large heatsink will do also, but, as to getting it to stick to the board, you could use thermal adhesive...Artic Silver makes some of that I think...but, I think that might be a bit messy, taking the old one off, etc, but it's really an idea. Or If you're insane, like me, I would mount a really small HSF on the chipset. Like a MMX Pentium cooling unit.


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hell, i'd just thermal-adhesive on a stock athlon heatsink that i'm sure most of us have laying around. no fan on it for less noise, more reliabiity.

if you lan or move your computer around much, it might fall off though.
Exactly the problem if you use a big HSF. Either the HSF can fall off(very bad), OR the chip can fall off with the HSF (VERY VERY bad). I wouldn't use a bigger HSF than a normal socket 7 size or so.


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OR the chip can fall off with the HSF (VERY VERY bad)
Yikes! That WOULD be bad!!

I would simply use a bigger HS, but since it's running 133 FSB, I wouldn't go too crazy. Like people said: an older Pentium chip cooler would work fine. And yes, Arctic Silver does make HS adhesive. I used it to attach some HS to my vid card RAM chips and it works fine. Not sure how good for a stock athlon cooler tho. :eek:

Or, you could try something like this from

Not too bad for $10.

Nick M

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That looks pretty good. The chipset cooler, that looks pretty good. I maybe would get that...or the heatsink, but, if you do, be careful :)


:) Thanx again for all the suggestions!!!! There is a small program that comes with Gigabyte motherboards - SIV (System Information Viewer) and I use it to monitor the temperature!!!! It hasen't changed since i took off the small fan so I think i'll just stick to the advice to go without it for some time and see how it turns out!!!! I also found out that there is a motherboard exactly like mine, just without the RAID controler and it originallycomes without the fan on the chipset, so there's one more reason for trying to go without it!!!! :)


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you should be fine, bole... but 2 things to note, first:

1) your temperature monitoring program (SIV) won't see an increase in heat on the northbridge.. it only senses the cpu's heat and another sensor is somewhere else on the board to sense the case temperature.

2) if the other version of your board came without a fan on the northbridge, it probably had a bigger heatsink. probably.

but, like i siad, you should be fine.
Originally posted by taurus
2) if the other version of your board came without a fan on the northbridge, it probably had a bigger heatsink. probably.
Boards without fans have much bigger HSF:s than boards with fans.

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