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Chinese Democracy Starts Now

It’s confirmed: Guns n’ Roses are coming to Rock in Rio-Lisboa to headline the 2nd day, May 27th. And with this confirmation, all World Stage headliners are now known.

The Axl Rose led band is responding to the thousands of fans who asked the band to come through the
official site of the event.

This promises to be another memorable day for all who will come to the Bela Vista Park and more in specific
for all those who have been waiting for the day that Guns would come.

Guns n’ Roses was the most requested band by the official site users, amongst all bands, by all fans,
whether Portuguese or international. It is expected that many international fans will travel to Lisbon to be
there to hear the material on the new album ‘Chinese Democracy’ for the first time live.

In an interview with the American magazine Rolling Stone in January of this year, Axl Rose confirmed that
this long awaited Guns n’ Roses album was ‘very complex’ and that it would be a surprise for all the fans.

Axl followed that by saying that he was ‘trying something different’ and that certain arrangements would be
very different from what the fans were expecting and probably closer to the sound of Queen. ‘Better’, ‘There
Was A Time’ and ‘The Blues’ are some of the titles of in total 26 new songs.

In 2001, the new version of Guns n’ Roses performed at the third edition of Rock in Rio. More than 200.000
fans witnessed the return of Guns n’ Roses, after 7 years away from the stage.

Axl Rose introduced the new band during a show of more than two hours, which was considered to be the
best of the entire event. Today, 5 years later, the show of Guns n’ Roses at the City of Rock promises to be
a historic one, both for Rock in Rio and for Portugal.

By: Paulo M. Guerrinha

Source: http://rockinrio-lisboa.sapo.pt/artigo.htm...=644730&lang=en

Well, I guess the demo leaks the past days was perhaps done by Mr. Axl Rose himself afterall. Suddenly a lot is happening in the GN'R camp lately, and I am almost going from my concept here LOL.
It's been a long 13 year wait..so lets hope it was well worth it.!!!

Andy signing off with a cold beer in his hand :lick:
I wouldnt bet on that. Even Axl knows what's on stake here.
The guy is in his 40's now, the rebel drug guy is gone.
And besides, they did tour in 2002 without any "incidents" happening. :)

....back to listen to "There Was A Time"


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I hate to be a pessimist but Chinease Democracy has been delayed so many times... I just cant see this working out. And on top of it all.. without Slash GnR wont have the same sound. I guess I am just skeptical... we will see, or rather hear.
Yeah, I know what you mean man. Been a GN'R fan since '87 and been waiting and waiting for something new. And all this time I have been keeping track with the GN'R camp, and now finally things are really hitting off. They just now confirmed 2 more festivals this summer. And the first single off CD is Better, due in April.
We can only hope, but it looks like this time its for real.
As for the Slash thing....I dunno. In a perfect world he would come back and they would be best friends. I have always said that without Slash there will be no GN'R, but listening to the new demo leaks I have the faith again.
We just have to wait and see.

BTW, I have seen them 2 times back in 91 and 93..and I will see them in 2006! Yeah Baby :D


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I'll have to check out those demo's. :D Are you a fan of Velvet Revolver at all?


I just listened to the demo leaks, they are pretty good although it lacks that "butt-rock" guitar style :( Still pretty decent though, if this all works out I will buy the album for sure.

update.... I take it back... the song TWAT does have a pretty sweet solo at the end, this is sounding pretty damn good.
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LOL I told you. The new stuff is really growing on you. TWAT sure gets better and better. And speaking of..the song Better ,although it gets cut off at 2.06, it sure sound awesome.
About Velvet Revolver....dunno, they have a few songs that are good. "Fall to pieces, "Slither"..But it is nothing amazing. Slash is good but it is in GN'R he is a GOD. Scott Weiland was good in STP, but he is nowhere near Axl. I know I should not compare like this but hey...what do you expect with a band only missing Axl LOL. It is a fact that it was Axl and Izzy (Stradlin) who made the good old classics..with a little help from Duff.
Anyhow, nice to hear the new stuff is hitting you :D

Btw, nice to hear Axl's voice is good again. I was kinda worried hearing the live stuff they did in 2001-02.
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Just had to show my tickets. Got 3 of them for the June 28 show in Oslo, Norway. Me, my best friend and my wife is going. Since my wife is 10 years younger than me, she havent heard much GN'R exept Dont cry and November Rain. So now I'm feeding her with all the old stuff. Funny enough she's really into the new material like Better, Catcher In The Rye, I.R.S. and TWAT. And whats more funny is that our 14 months young daughter are rocking hard to Better!!! LOL


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Thats awesome dude! I hope you have a blast at the show. Cant wait for the new record to hit the stores.
Well then...
Only a couple of hours away from GN'R ( or Axl Rose Band as many of you want to call it) taking the stage in New York as the first in a series of 4 shows in NY as a warm up to the European tour. And I am just sitting here, taking a few beers, enjoying old GN'R music..and new :D
Cant wait until the 28 of June when I'm going to see them in Oslo Norway...only a 1 hour drive from here.
Anyhow, after my thought through (NOT) calculation, they will be entering the stage in about 3 hours so...time for a beer and ROCK ON!

oh and BTW, the new guitarist will be known as well. I have heard rumors from Izzy to Slash. All I know is that it WONT be any of the old members. I just hope...well, to be honest, I dunno what I want nor whish..I just want it to be a guy that will fit in with the consept.
So lets just wait and see....
Welcome to the jungle...we got fun 'n' games :D
Well, this week has been pretty unreal to me. They have played 3 awesome gigs @the hammerstein ballroom in NY and to top it all of they had a surprise accoustic gig yesterday. More here:

A BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor by the name of Matt Goldenberg has submitted the following report:
"Okay... I can't really tell you how I found out or how I got on the list without betraying a friend's confidence, but I got a call around 6 p.m. [on Thursday, May 18] that Rosario Dawson, the actress from 'Rent', 'Alexander', etc., was having a birthday party tonight at a small club near my apartment [in New York City] that I'm told is called Plum (I feel like an idiot but I honestly have never seen a name on the marquee and now I can't find a club called Plum on CitySearch.com, so I apologize if that's not right) and that GUNS N' ROSES WERE GOING TO PLAY. Some of my co-workers and I were able to get our names on the list. I was told to keep my mouth shut because it was all supposed to be a secret.

"Anyways, I have been here once or twice before, and it's a pretty small, chic nightclub. It has two floors and holds maybe 800, 900 people tops — someone told me capacity is actually around 500 people, I don't know how accurate that is and tonight, it was definately filled wwwaaaayyyy beyond capacity. I don't mean to make light of a tragedy but if God forbid there had been a fire, it would have been The Station x10.

"So doors are at 11 p.m. and we show up around 12:30 a.m. and... we're told we can't go in. Allegedly Axl [Rose, GUNS N' ROSES frontman] got into a fight with a clubgoer (I can't verify this) and they subsequently shut down the doors. Of the dozen or so people I was with, all but my friend Ken split. It was at that point that Ken had the brilliant idea that maybe now they would let us in since there was just two of us. We pleaded with a bouncer who verified that we were actually on the list and — yes! — we were in.

"Like I said, the place was packed, but we managed to find another good friend who had a table up front near the stage. The joint was crawling with celebrities: Kid Rock, Mickey Rourke, Eric Balfour, and God knows who else. On the way up I heard buzz first that the original band was there (which I knew was B.S.), and then buzz that it was just Axl and Izzy [Stradlin] and Matt Sorum (which seemed feasible in light of Axl's recently making-nice with both former Gunners). I saw Dizzy [Reed, GNR keyboardist] wandering around before we took our spot upfront, maybe five or ten feet from where the band was and right next to Del James [Axl's longtime friend/assistant].

"The band finally came a little after 1 a.m. I think. The stage was incredibly small and everyone surged forward to the point where tables were knocked over; my legs and feet are currently soaked in champagne and God knows what else. Anyway, Izzy and Matt were NOT there (or if they were, they didn't play), and if Brain [drummer] was there, I didn't see him, either.

"But Axl, Robin [Finck], Richard [Fortus], Tommy [Stinson], Bumblefoot, Dizzy and Chris [Pittman] all took the stage. Everyone played acoustically except Robinwho played a semi-hollow Gibson, and Tommy, who played his usual bass; for 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door', Robin and Richard switched instruments. Chris and Dizzy played maracas, congos, tambourines, and occasionally the keyboard, which was crammed in the corner. Axl introduced the show as the 'karaoke version' of GN'R as a movie screen-sized monitor with all his lyrics was behind him.

"Everyone seemed to be in a great mood; they played some old tunes from 'Lies' that they haven't done since Slash was in the band, and Axl said they had learned the songs just 20 minutes before arriving at the club.

"Before 'I.R.S.', Axl asked the band if they felt like trying it even though they hadn't rehearsed it, and Tommy screamed out 'I'm ****ing fearless, I'll try anything!' The three solos in 'November Rain' were handled as they have been (Richard Fortus does the first one, Robin Finck does the second one, and Bumblefoot does the big closing one) except that Richard and Bumblefoot played their solos acoustically, which sounded pretty awesome.

"Needless to say, the whole place went ape****... it was a really intimate, really amazing show and a nice way to close out the week after the four Hammerstein gigs. I don't remember the precise order of the set list but here is what they played:

01. Used To Love Her
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Welcome To The Jungle
04. You're Crazy ('Lies' version, not the 'Appetite' version)
05. Patience
06. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
07. The Blues
08. I.R.S.
09. Sweet Child O' Mine
10. November Rain (Axl on keyboards)
11. Paradise City

"I don't think I missed any songs; the whole show lasted a little over an hour, maybe. At the end, Axl came back out and said, 'I forgot to do something because I'm a ****ing idiot,' before bringing Rosario Dawson out on stage and leading the audience in a rendition of 'Happy Birthday.' Then Rosario grabbed the mike and went nuts — 'THEY'VE NEVER PLAYED ALL ACOUSTIC, THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING, HOW MUCH DOES THIS MAN ****ING ROCK,' etc."

(Thanks: Matt Goldenberg)
Pics here ( http://editorial.gettyimages.com/so...|0|0|57644743|0|0|0|0|0|||0|0|0|0|0&p=3&tag=1 )
And here ( http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=gls====187331&nbc1=1 )
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I have to admit that axle looks more content than he was in the past. Then maybe he quit the heroin and such .. He looks diff, of course he is 20 years older also ..

It's funny you should mention "November Rain", as that was my favorite GnR song. It also a song I refuse to listen to anymore. Ahh, the memories, I can the first time I heard it. Man what a day that was ... A day I will never forget ..


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andy_rose said:
For your information, he fired Steven Adler back in 90 because of the drugs. Then he badmouthed Slash for the same thing. Slash left cuz of Axl saying no to drugs.
Anyway, yeah, you're right...the guy looks happy and he just did an interview on a radio station ( http://www.kroq.com/kevinandbean/sounds.html ) where he talks about the whole comeback thing.
It is funny you should say that .. Shortly after he "Fired" Steve Adler (who took them to court because of his drug addiction) axle ended up in the hospital from a overdose ..
Aprox said:
Thanks for the Axel interview link, thats awesome.

Is there an ETA on the new album yet?
No exact date, but as Axl said in the radio interview, CD will come this year for sure this time, most likely this fall...lets just hope...!

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